Welcome Everyone

Welcome Everyone. This is not a blog with all the specs of the Ipad or how many pixels the screen will have. This is a blog from a Apple Lover who can not wait for the Ipad 2 to come out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4.3 Launched Early: My Experience

I woke up today thinking it would be another day filled with me counting the hours until the IPad 2 comes out. To my surprise 4.3 was released early!! I logged onto Twitter and saw a tweet from @macworld stating 4.3 was released. As I wiped my face thinking I was still dreaming, I plugged my iPhone 4 into my Mac hoping the update screen would pop up. And that it did. I clicked on the update button and "whala" my phone turned black. I felt like I had won the lottery until an error message came up in iTunes. It said my phone could not update and now my phone was in restore mode. I was crushed and could not understand why this was happening. I searched the Internet trying to find a solution to my problem since now my phone would not even restore. I finally found a solution I thought might work and finally I had a iPhone 4 running IOS 4.3. While trying to figure out what new features IOS 4.3 had, I plugged in my iPad hoping I would not run into the same problem again. Luckily I did not.

So what's new??? Nothing really in my opinion. The gestures are not in 4.3 which is something I was looking forward to. Apple has given users a choice for the side switch on the IPad(volume mute, or orientation lock), which is good if you are watching a movie in bed and don't want your movie to keep rotating. Mobile Hotspot is a good plus for me since my job does not have wifi. Also if I am out and I have a document on my iPad that I forgot to email to someone I can just turn on Mobile Hotspot and shoot them the email. I called AT&T as soon as I got the update to switch from a 2GB plan to a 4GB plan so I can tether my little heart away. I can't wait to go to work to try out this new feature. Also, AirPlay is better with the new upgrade. Videos from my camera roll play in good quality through my AppleTv, which is something I really was looking forward to. I am waiting to see which third-party apps are going to start using AirPlay in the future.

Other than those features I listed I don't see much of a difference. That is not a real problem for me since the upgrade was FREE and I LOVED my IPad before the upgrade. If anyone else knows of any other features please leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Line Already Forming in Texas

Some people may call me crazy for being so excited about the Ipad 2 but I am no where near close to crazy when compared to Justin Wagoner of Texas who is already on line. He packed up his tent and has been outside the Apple store since Monday. I was debating going to the store a couple of hours early but 5 DAYS early is a little much. At first I said more power to him for being able to live with nature for a device we have come to love, but after reading some comments from people who had interacted with him at the launch of the Iphone 4, he seems like he has the wrong intentions in mind. Some are saying that he talked about how many news crews have been talking about him and how much of a celebrity he has become. If I am going to try to become a celebrity I am going to do something other than pitch a tent in front of an Apple store. I really hope he does not have small children because I would hate to be his wife explaining to their kids that daddy can't tuck them in tonight because he is camping in front of the Apple store for an IPad 2. Now don't get me wrong if he has nothing else to do why not go sleep outside, just don't be a jerk about it. I love my Ipad and I am sure I will love my IPAD 2 but where do we draw the line?

Getting the Ipad on Launch Day

I am so nervous that I will not be able to get the Ipad 2 on March 11th. I do not get off until 3pm on Friday and plan on getting my Ipad 2 from Best Buy. I have been reading articles and some people are saying the Best buy only gets 10-15 products on the products Launch day. Now this does not sound good sense some people start getting on line the night before. Also there is a lot of confusion on the internet about what time Best buy is going to start to sell Ipad 2's. Stores are saying they are going to start selling them when the store opens but Best Buy corporate is saying they are not selling anything until 5pm(the time Apple starts selling them). It is hard to believe Apple will allow any store to start selling Ipads 2's before them, but who knows. I am in Greensboro, NC and I haven't heard of a lot of people talking about the Ipad 2 but that doesn't mean there is not going to be more than 10-15 people at Best Buy which means no Ipad 2 for me. All I know is that on March 11th I plan on getting an Ipad 2.

Ipad is Announced

The IPad was announced Wed, March 2nd and at first I must say I was not interested. I just got my IPad for Christmas and love it. I told myself that I would not give in to the hype but now I find myself dreaming about the IPad 2's launch. (And I seriously had a dream about it last night) Apple reports that the IPad 2 is going to be lighter, slimmer and faster than the IPad. I don't know about anyone else but I love the speed of my IPad therefore making the IPad 2 faster is just icing on the cake.

Another plus is the addition of VIDEO MIRRORING. I was debating about getting my Ipad jailbroken to get this feature from Cydia but now that the Ipad 2 is going to come with it I do not have to debate anymore. I am going to love being able to plug my Ipad 2 up to the television so others cam see what I am doing.

Forward and rear facing cameras bring FACETIME to the Ipad which really does not come as a surprise sense Apple is putting it on every one of their devices. I am not a big Facetime user due to not knowing a lot of people who have Apple products but when I do find someone who can Facetime or Skype it will make my IPad a great tool. Also Photo Booth will be a built in app for the Ipad 2 allowing users to make funny pictures for hours with their friends.

IMOVIE and GARAGEBAND are two selling points of the IPad 2 even though you can use it on the Ipad since it will be available in the App store. I have been reading on some websites that the experience will not be the same so if you use these apps regularly on other devices getting the IPad 2 might be worth your while. If you have Imovie for the Iphone 4 you can get a free upgrade when you get it on your Ipad or Ipad 2. You will have to buy Garageband for $4.99 but from the preview during the keynote it seems worth it.

Gaming is suppose to be great on the Ipad 2 which will have 9x better graphics. I play a lot of time-management games so I will see if those games seem any better once I crack open the box on Friday, March 11th.

So I plan on getting the Ipad 2 because I love the Ipad so any upgrade is well worth it in my book. Let me know what you guys think.