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Welcome Everyone. This is not a blog with all the specs of the Ipad or how many pixels the screen will have. This is a blog from a Apple Lover who can not wait for the Ipad 2 to come out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ipad is Announced

The IPad was announced Wed, March 2nd and at first I must say I was not interested. I just got my IPad for Christmas and love it. I told myself that I would not give in to the hype but now I find myself dreaming about the IPad 2's launch. (And I seriously had a dream about it last night) Apple reports that the IPad 2 is going to be lighter, slimmer and faster than the IPad. I don't know about anyone else but I love the speed of my IPad therefore making the IPad 2 faster is just icing on the cake.

Another plus is the addition of VIDEO MIRRORING. I was debating about getting my Ipad jailbroken to get this feature from Cydia but now that the Ipad 2 is going to come with it I do not have to debate anymore. I am going to love being able to plug my Ipad 2 up to the television so others cam see what I am doing.

Forward and rear facing cameras bring FACETIME to the Ipad which really does not come as a surprise sense Apple is putting it on every one of their devices. I am not a big Facetime user due to not knowing a lot of people who have Apple products but when I do find someone who can Facetime or Skype it will make my IPad a great tool. Also Photo Booth will be a built in app for the Ipad 2 allowing users to make funny pictures for hours with their friends.

IMOVIE and GARAGEBAND are two selling points of the IPad 2 even though you can use it on the Ipad since it will be available in the App store. I have been reading on some websites that the experience will not be the same so if you use these apps regularly on other devices getting the IPad 2 might be worth your while. If you have Imovie for the Iphone 4 you can get a free upgrade when you get it on your Ipad or Ipad 2. You will have to buy Garageband for $4.99 but from the preview during the keynote it seems worth it.

Gaming is suppose to be great on the Ipad 2 which will have 9x better graphics. I play a lot of time-management games so I will see if those games seem any better once I crack open the box on Friday, March 11th.

So I plan on getting the Ipad 2 because I love the Ipad so any upgrade is well worth it in my book. Let me know what you guys think.

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